What is My Funky Rewards?

My Funky Rewards is an online savings programme. Find out how you can use it to make savings on your online purchases

How to earn cashback using My Funky Rewards

Find out how to claim cashback on day to day purchases using the My Funky Rewards programme.

How will I be receiving my cashback?

We pay cashback and Monthly Bonuses via bank transfer.

How to claim your My Funky Rewards Welcome Reward

When you join My Funky Rewards you have the opportunity to claim a Welcome Reward. Find out how to claim your’s.

How to claim your Monthly Bonus

All members can claim a Monthly Bonus as part of the My Funky Rewards programme. To claim yours follow these simple instructions on the link.

How to buy discounted gift cards using My Funky Rewards

My Funky Rewards member are entitled to up to 20% discount on popular high street gift cards.


If you have WLY*WWW.MFREWARDS.COM on your bank statement, you have a My Funky Rewards membership. Follow the link to find out more.